Beta Alpha Psi

1. Provides its members with the guidance, preparation and network needed to excel in college and thrive in any business environment.

2. Strives to prepare its members with the professional development and personal skills needed to become future leaders.

3. Offers events for members that are conducted in a more intimate, less intimidating setting compared to larger networking events on campus.

4. Grants you access to a long-reaching network of alumni and a wealth of resources from a large international network of professionals in the business world.

What we offer

Professional Events

To expand your network.

Social Events

To create lifelong bonds and friendship.

Volunteering Events

To give back to the community.

Recruitment Timeline

Meet the application requirements.

Complete and turn in application.

Accumulate pledge hours.

Become initiated as an official member.


Application Requirement

• A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (waived for Freshmen and incoming Transfer Students).
• Submit the following: Membership Application, Unofficial Transcript, and local & national lifetime membership fee of $130.

You may petition for a GPA waiver by attaching a ½ page statement to your membership application clearly explaining why. Petitions will be evaluated individually by the board.

Initiation Requirement

• Accumulate the necessary Minimum Pledge Hours by the May of graduation year.
• A minimum 3.3 GPA in any Upper Division Accounting, Finance or Information Systems courses taken.
• A minimum 3.2 cumulative UCLA GPA.

Minimum Pledge Hours

• Professional Events: 12
• Community Service: 8

A 5 hour carryover rule will be implemented, in which a pledge will be allowed to substitute a maximum of 5 non-BAY professional hours and 5 non-BAY service hours for BAY hours. Non-BAY events are evaluated for hours based on how they fit with our initiatives and core skill areas.

For additional questions and application submission, please click here to email our VP of Compliance.